CitizenM, Tower of London


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  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad

You guys know how I like to keep my writing to a minimum as I strongly believe my pictures and vlogs speak louder than words.
I did a quick unplanned business trip to London with my husband recently and I wish I hadn’t forgotten my camera. I also had just one night here but I’ve tried my best with my iphone because I really wanted to show you guys around this hotel, so let’s go.

CitizenM is one of my favourite hotels in London. Why wouldn’t it be? Have a look at their colourful theme.

Can you tell I’m excited? 

They have 3 branches in London, I’ve stayed at the London Bankside Hotel twice before I started my website and this was my first time at the Tower of London branch. The Tower of London branch is comparatively way bigger and spacious. Definitely my favourite.

Check in and check out here is the quickest, hassle free method I’ve seen in a while now.

CitizenM (Tower of London) is a winner for me compared to the rest of the hotels nearby, thanks to its excellent location, situated right next to the Tower Hill tube station, the view their rooms offer AND THEIR ROOFTOP BAR!

citizenM says: have a drink in your hand and your head in the clouds.

I wish I could show you the exact stunning view of the city my room had. Falling asleep and waking up to this view is everything.

Morning view from my window…

It’s does not always have to be about winding up your day at your hotel with Mr Silence and Mrs Boredom. Book a stay at this vibrant hotel and experience the little party inside the rooms.

All these colours got me feeling like a 5 year old!

Gotta love these eye-popping interiors.

Ladies! Vanity Lights and area on point. No complaints.

Rain showers are my favourite. This is just more than perfect to come to after a long tiring day.

Their shower gels aren’t just one of those “hotel shower gels”, they smell great and pamper you. #spalike

You can pick basically any colour you want for your Disco-light-shower, control the room lights and the blinds, set your alarm (trust me that was SO HELPFUL), pick a latest movie to watch, all from your designated ipad. Techy aye!
It’s always nice to have such little things that make a happy difference to your stay.

I picked Moana !

What’s my favourite part of the experience? I get to pick the mood for my room.
Relax / Party / Romantic / Business / Movie… Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Night mode activated! Of course I had to make it all PINK.

Their lobby is HUGE and cheerful. You are not going to get bored here with their library of some interesting books and a TV for someone like me who’d much rather stay away from the books. Haha!

(picture taken from the official website)

Come on, this is too cute.


I can’t even explain how extremely comfortable their XL beds and pillows are.

(picture taken from the official website)

If you have been following me for a while now, you’d know that I love hotels with that extra something that makes them unique. This is one such. You wouldn’t be let down.

Friendly staff, Cheerful experiences, go for it!

Ideal for Business visits or your little weekend getaway.