Eateries you must visit when in Paros 


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  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad

When it comes to food in the Greek Islands, Paros is definitely the winner. I am in love with the fact that most of them are family run and none lesser than the other in terms of quality of food and service.

Here are my favourites.

το παραδοςιακο

You’ll find this in the Naoussa Centre. These chocolate and honey filled Loukoumades are straight up heavenly.

PIPERATTO in Kanale’s

Piperatto is Kanale’s in house Restaurant. Reasonably priced amazing food, filling portions, neatly decorated and served.

Beautiful ambience with an amazing view of the beach, Calm and Cosy. If you need that tad bit of privacy, you can choose to dine right outside your room without having to compromise on the sea view.


Located in Paroikia, near the port, run by a loving family, this pretty looking restaurant stole my heart.

The man who owns the place is full of love, he made us feel like home. The food is extremely delicious and served with lots of love.

Their Baklavas are the best I have tasted in Greece yet. Be sure to order their Eggplant Millefuille (let’s hope I spelt that right), I swear I couldn’ve eaten 4 of them.


Oh my my. This place is stunning. Excellent service by the waiting staff & the restaurant manager. Their amazing  food and the classy outdoor ambience, just did it for me. Being located right next to the sea is another beautiful advantage.

I should mention, I was massively impressed with the cocktail I was served, called the “Spiritual Motherfucker”. Yup, you read it right. The sushi from KCC is perfection.


You’ll find this calm and quiet restaurant on the way back from the famous beaches. I don’t know if there’s a place in Paros that even serves bad food. They’re constantly competing with each other and Xilaras served the most delicious food among all the other restaurants on this list. There’s magic in their food.

Side note, I still remember how delicious their boiled potatoes tasted while I can’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday. What sorcery is this ?


Vitsadakis was recommended to us by the hotel we stayed in, (Kanale’s). The ambience was not too impressive, but the food was pretty decent.

Oh and ask for an Ouzo shot without fail towards the end of your meal. It’s complimentary anyway 🙂


We found this café next to Taverna Mira, walked in for a quick breakfast before our flight and were for sure not disappointed.

The crepes were so so, however their freddocino ( Greek Cappucino if you may) was more than just delicious. Here’s where I fell in love with freddos. A must try.


This family run restaurant ( as most restaurants in Greece are ) is located in the naoussa port, on the other side of Barbarossa.

Affordable, unique in taste, friendly service. Their prawns dishes are numero uno. I absolutely loved it.

Apart from visiting these restaurants, find time to try out some local snacks from nearby supermarkets. Wouldn’t you wanna snack on some Greek junk food after all ? 😉

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