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It’s New Year’s Eve , 4:30am, I’m struggling to fall asleep as my mind is for some reason thinking back at the best of my 2016. And it all perfectly boils down to just one thing – GREECE. It got me thinking , I’ve been procrastinating on this particular blog post, waiting for the perfect time, and that’s this time of the year for sure.

Santorini. The magic that it is. Energy. Positivity. Love. Vibrant. Sunkissed. Celebration. Any other word that just makes you feel happy in the heart?

I left Mykonos with a heavy heart , but not for too long as I was speedily excited to be welcomed by  the romantic Santorini. I still remember standing inside the Ferry, not being able to take my eyes off the crystal clear blue water of the Aegean Sea like it was just yesterday.

The way to our hotel , Anteliz Suites , from the Santorini Old Port was breathtaking. Every single inch we moved was blowing my mind away from all directions.

Anteliz is located in Fira, a beautiful town. I quickly need to insert a picture of Fira at night .

Need I say more ? I stood still , close-mouthed , taking in this beautiful beautiful view, counting my blessings for being able to experience this otherworldly sight.

If you’re looking at Hotels in Oia and couldn’t find one, please look into firostefani. You wouldn’t be let down. Anteliz suites , was one of my best decisions of the trip. Read my blog post on the hotel for a detailed review. 

We rented an ATV of course and headed straight to Amoudi Bay. Be sure to make reservations well in advance and watch the sunset from there. It was pure magic, calm and romantic. 

Oia ! I am lost for words. I must have been dreaming. I’m still in denial. It was too magnificent to be real.

Everything white ,everything blue, Aura so serene, so harmonious.

I must say, it was hard to find a restaurant that had a table for us to be able to watch the famous santorinian sunset. After loads and loads of walking , we managed to find the most beautiful spot ever on top of a restaurant, Strogili, which also served amazing food. Let’s just say that here’s where I fell in love with the Greek egg plant based dishes. 
You’re sure to see a lot of donkeys around.

As we enjoyed what I can say was one of the most magical late lunch date ever, watching the sunset and staring into the beautiful deep aegan sea , watching the boats and ships move across, it was nighttime in no time. At this point I wasn’t certain if this could get any better.

Santorini at night was its own kinda beautiful, gracefully lit up all around, by lights and love.

You can plainly feel the love from everyone you walk across. Be sure to visit the Kissingfish spa for a fish pedicure.

The next day we headed to the Fira Town square for Breakfast at Diverso, pretty good food. Their Spanakopita was top notch, still only second to the one I had at Mykonos Essence.

We drove straight to the Red Beach from there. Quite an intense cardio session it was , to get down to the beach and climb back up. 

I was really anticipating going to the white beach but unfortunately on that day the boats that would take us to the white beach weren’t available, and you can’t access the beach yourself. We instead stayed back at the Cambia beach, which is where you need to go to , to get a boat to the white beach. 

Be sure to visit the beautiful black pebble filled Kamari Beach. It’s navy blue water and the various restaurants around would give you quite an experience. Perissa and perivolos are the two other beaches that we went to that I’d recommend. They’re quite similar , with water sports available on both beaches. I did my first ever para sailing at Perivolvos. It was magical. I can tell I was the happiest yet at that time. Check out “Wet Stories”, pretty cool place, the best at the Perivolos beach. 

Another little Restaurant to go to for sure is Daphne’s Family Taverna. The man’s heart is filled with love and so was the food. We took a cable ride to get to the active volcanos/caldera and the hot springs. Following a pensive boat ride to the hot springs, those who knew how to swim (lucky) enjoyed a little dip into the hot springs.( I need to learn how to swim soon.)The walk up the Caldera was my cardio for the day. I was breathless. We got to touch and feel the hot active rocks and witnessed hot fumes coming out of the volcanic rocks.

There’s only so much I can write in my blogs and film for my vlogs. Book your flight to Santorini right away and experience it yourself!

Santorini had me speechless. I can’t wait to go back there soon.

Watch my Vlog here :

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