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  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad

If you plan to visit a beautiful Greek island on a budget, Paros is the place for your perfect getaway.

Close your eyes, and imagine this:

You’re driving along the beach, gazing at the beautiful sea, and all of a sudden the waves of the sea splash on you car, drenching you out of no where. That’s how Paros gleefully invited us into the island.

Watch my Paros & Antiparos experience here

When you plan to visit the gorgeous Greek Islands, you are most likely to focus on Athens, Mykonos & Santorini. What you don’t know is there are a crazy bunch of other absolutely pretty islands that are not too famous among tourists. Fortunately, I’ve been planning my trip to Greece since I was little so I had a clear plan of the islands I wanted to visit. Of the many others I wanted to go to, I picked the unnoted lovely Islands of Paros and Antiparos.

Paros was strikingly different. Oodles of trees and hills and distinctly less crowded. First things first, there was a massive price drop compared to Mikonos and Thira. From food to vehicle rentals to hotels, the price drop was fat.


You can find beaches every where. All along the roads. There’s always a beach to your side when you drive on. I’d totally recommend hiring a car in this island instead of an ATV.

The Punda beach is one of my favourites, along with the Santa Maria and the Piperi beach.

 Take a lovely long walk along the Naousa centre and enjoy the beautiful port, the vast shopping zone filled with a lot of fine restaurants.

We calculatingly drove to nowhere and got lost and found this pretty looking place in the middle of nowhere:

It still amazes me how Paros isn’t that acclaimed among tourists.

The thieves of my heart were the restaurants with dining by the sea. Truly an unforgettable experience.

The golden beach is a very pretty, quiet yet huge beach. If you fancy some private time in a huge beach then this is the place for you.

Piso livadi is another small beach with small eateries, perfect for a quick brunch.

You can find a lot of water sport activities in most beaches.

Lefkes is an Ancient traditional Greek town that you must definitely visit. The architecture still blows my mind away. This mountainous village is located on the hill. A walk around its beautiful scanty streets with everything white will thrill you.

Paroikia, which is close to the port, has a row of stunning restaurants and cafes, each no lesser than the other in terms of ambience. Oh I’m sure you’ll fight yourself 8 times to pick a place.

Also, who wouldn’t want to enjoy dining with this spectacular view of the Aegan sea after all? 

The town is filled with serene and positive vibes. Everyone’s smiling and happy here. Isn’t that crave worthy ?

, Overall, Paros is a very peaceful and serene Island with a lot more to explore than you think.

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