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  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad
  • Outfit: @isawitfirst 
Use the code ISAWX1 to get 20% off on their website  #isawitfirst #ad

Rocabella Mykonos is faultlessly what we call “love at first sight”. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, I was continually in awe.

Walking in to this tastefully designed lobby instantly warmed my heart.

We were warmly welcomed with a glass of champagne by the beautiful ladies at the reception, the charming and friendly Manager, Allen, and the Gorgeous owner of the hotel herself. It’s safe to say that every single member of team Rocabella are extremely kind. They beautifully wear smiles on their faces at all times. Shoutout to our lovely chauffeur Giorgos who is now like family to us. It’s the little kind gestures that go straight to the heart.

If only I could steal this cute BOOK shelf and bring it back to England for my living room.

We stayed in two different rooms in the hotel, both stunning, tidy and wonderful.
Rooms were neat as a button with an interesting wooden touch to it.

The instant we stepped into our room, we were treated to the Rocabella’s Special Greek Blueberry desert. Let me tell you, that’s the moment I knew that the food here was going to taste heavenly.

The view of Chora from the Sea Front Suite was spectacular. One of the amenities that completely impressed us was their marshall sound system. This is something I haven’t really seen in any hotel before. Being music lovers, this completely swept us off our feet.
“Simply connect to Bluetooth and play your own playlist in your dream room”.
I could sit here and take in the endless blue all day every day.Waking up to this ambience made my Mykonian mornings more magical.

My my my. Their restaurant, Reeza served some exceptionally flavourful dishes I could cry. There’s an extra something to each dish that makes it unique and delicious. Their breakfast buffet was perfection. One can’t miss out on this little morning feast.

The home made bar was beyond delicious.

The sun, the sea, the warm Jacuzzi, could it get better than that?The best part of the entire experience was their turndown service. We got to pick our choice of fragrance when we checked in. I picked Lavender and Eucalyptus.
As this trip was more of a “work-trip” for me, it was honestly extremely tiring, but coming back to the hotel to the perfect “turn down” with beautifully lit scented candles and chocolates defeats all the stress in a jiffy.
I slept like a baby. Or a princess. Or both? Haha.

I still can’t get over how beautiful the hotel is. Even a little glimpse into a window reflected the stunning seascape.

With their aesthetically pleasing interiors, there’s not a corner inside the hotel that isn’t picturesque. Stand anywhere, you’d look like you came straight out of an instagram picture.

The Panoramic Suite with the outdoor Plunge Pool was … I actually have no words. It was like a dream. I did NOT want to leave from there.

Have a look at this spellbinding panoramic view from the suite which is the uppermost room of the hotel. As they proudly say, it indeed is “the best view in the entire island of Mykonos“.

We managed to sneak in a spa session right before checking out.
The entire experience was special. All you’ll feel is love. We’ve been lucky enough to experience it. Massive thanks to Rocabella for having me. Infinite kisses to the entire team from me. I’m sure to be back!

Stay tuned to my youtube channel for my Vlog to see more in action.

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